my top job


Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

camera run

...... strange indeed strange, people who work just to walk the road .... but they are at high pay. they do not productivity, that's what we call the camera running,. for me it was a waste .. we hate them all .... it felt like we were suffocating them ..... because they work only to be eye to eye ... our fault ,,, predators rather memekan own people .... ...

HRD arrogant

HRD, for we hear the word HRD, it is very scary, because they are very rude, arrogant, likes to accept bribes ... a little mistake we did ... we immediately cut wages, wage pdahal they know we are very small but they have no heart ... even though their work is sit sit alone, ngobrol.merokok, coffee ....... ah .... disgusting

employee contract

companies have made ​​our policy on contract employees, which is very harmful for us, we paid little, we had a little mistake at the end of direct staff members, without severance,...... even at this time to get into the company where we work , we have to pay ..... where is the location of justice for the little people like us ..?

arrogant bosses

at the company where I work, have some overbearing boss, they looked at us just a buffalo cow, which they calculate the income and loss, never saw karyawanya shortages, suffering, and for us it's like in hell ... this is not a choice, but what power we do not have the resources of buffalo to fight corporate tyranny ...


y money money ... that's what always makes my life was not calm, did not sleep soundly, eat bad, my wife began to complain, less spending money, school children are not in love sweets, my life is ruined ... what is perhaps a trial from God to ... Can I live my life .... fight for the sake of argument began to happen .... I supposed to do ...?

my top job

I work full time but all day without knowing what I can, the company did not appreciate my work, my pay is very low, they hired us as a horse like a cow, many of our friends who are not strong and finally they decided to resign from the company I actually think like that but alas, I was married, had a daughter who was school .... I am confused what I do not have any expertise, I do not have a diploma, I am confused where I'll take my life, my child My wife, yes .... this servant of god please help .....